On November 20th, Pay Our Interns will officially launch a new initiative: Interns for Change. This initiative, started by current interns, aims to bring awareness to the injustice created by unpaid internships. #InternsforChange will spark the broader conversation that interns must be paid, experience doesn’t pay the bills and if we want to live in a society that reflects our country we must provide equal opportunity. 

In Washington, D.C. we will be hosting a rally in Freedom Plaza, peacefully calling on all employers to shift their course from providing unpaid internships to paid ones. Throughout the country we will be partnering with student leaders who will stand in solidarity with the protest. 

Throughout the day we will trend #InternsforChange so that all parts of the country are not left out of the conversation. All of us must unite to spread one message.

It’s time to pay our interns!


Our team has developed the formats to letters we believe you may need in order to participate. For students who want to join the rally but have class please use the “letter for your professors” for individuals who want to participate and are currently interning please use the “letter to supervisors” While we cannot be held responsible for the consequences of missing work or class we believe these letters will be important when talking to your superiors about why you’ve decided to participate. We look forward to seeing you on the 20th!